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Why leadership matters…

Leadership guru Peter Drucker once said that only three things come naturally to all organisations: friction, confusion and under-performance.

Everything else requires leadership.


It’s worth thinking about. My observation is that those in church circles have an uneasy relationship with leadership. They are conscious of how easily it can be abused, and of how easily it can be abused, and of how some leaders embark on toxic quests for power and control, using the nobility of the mission of Jesus to mask their naked ambition.

Consequently they are quick to point out that genuine Christian leadership is different, and they are right. After all, Jesus not only taught servant leadership, he modeled it as well. It is the latter step that was the game changer, for we all know that talk is cheap, but when Jesus washed his disciples’ feet shortly before his crucifixion – well, clearly that was more than just talk. […]

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