Vose Online Open Day

Welcome to our 2020 Vose Open Day…the Online Experience!

Explore this page, jump into one of our Zoom sessions to meet the staff and discuss your Course Pathway with our lecturers.

The below links are for Zoom Meetings and Webinars, which will be active on Thursday May 28th only.


What I love most about Vose is that it is a place enveloped by God’s grace. To be there is to feel the love of God’s outpouring through the staff and students. Vose’s commitment to educational excellence means that a journey through Vose stimulates the mind, awakens the soul and stirs the spirit. It is a place of tremendous learning, building connections with like-minded people, and experiencing the great love of God.
My favourite experience at Vose is sitting in the lectures and having my mind opened by the profound teachings of the lecturers. Allied to this is the lively discussions amongst the class members as we unpack and engage with the content and explore our faith in a manner that encourages scriptural understanding in a deep and meaningful way.


– Ross Dowling

Watch our mini-lecture from Dr. Mike Kok on the mysterious “Beloved Disciple”:

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What are ACT & VET?

Check out our video overviews of our Semester 2 units below:

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions below:

What is ACT?

Vose Seminary is affiliated with the Australian College of Theology, which is also referred to as the ACT. The ACT has over 18 affiliated colleges across Australia and has been providing Theological Education in Australia for over 130 years. All our higher education programs are affiliated with the ACT. Please refer to the ACT website for more information regarding their course, units and history.

What is VET?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications have been developed with the specific goal of preparing students with skills for work.

What is the difference between VET and ACT?

Our VET programs are delivered and assessed at the vocational level. Units delivered in the VET program are generally more practical and provide a broad overview of the teaching materials. The teaching durations for our VET programs are shorter than our ACT program. VET programs have 4 Terms per year with each Term running for 8 weeks.

Our ACT programs are our higher education programs (tertiary/university level). The ACT programs are generally more academic focused with a more specific and detailed study of each unit. The teaching duration of the ACT programs are longer than the VET programs. ACT programs have 13 weeks per Semester – with 3 Semesters per year (including the Summer Semester).

Can I study online?

Yes! You can study online, on campus, or a combination of both.

How many hours of work does one unit require?

For an VET unit: 3-hour lecture plus 3 hours at home per week

For an ACT unit: 3-hour lecture plus 7 hours at home per week

How many units constitutes full-time study?

For VET: 2 units constitutes full-time

For ACT: 4 units constitutes full-time

What is the difference between VET Diploma of Ministry and the ACT Diploma of Ministry?

Key differences between the VET Diploma of Ministry and the ACT Diploma of Ministry:

  • VET Diploma of Ministry is delivered and assessed at the vocational level whereas the ACT Diploma of Ministry is delivered at a higher education (tertiary) level
  • The VET Diploma of Ministry will be following the VET Academic Timetable – 4 Terms per year with 8 teaching weeks per Term
  • The ACT Diploma of Ministry will be following the ACT Academic Timetable – 2 main Semesters per year plus a Summer Semester, all of which consist of 13 teaching weeks per Semester
  • The cost of each unit – VET units are a lot cheaper than ACT units
  • There are no exams for the VET program
  • Majority of the ACT units do not have an in-class exam however, some units (depending on your unit selection) may require students to complete an exam

Similarities between the VET Diploma of Ministry and the ACT Diploma of Ministry:

  • Both the VET and ACT Diploma of Ministry can be completed in 1-year (full-time or part-time equivalent)
  • Both the VET and ACT Diploma of Ministry are listed as an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 5 Award

How do I apply?

To make an application, please kindly complete our online application form. This form will capture all the necessary details for us to proceed with your application. Please ensure that you complete the relevant ACT or VET online application form for the course that you are applying for.

Can I switch from one course to another?

Yes, switching courses is possible. You will need to notify us which course you are looking to transfer into so we can map and sort out your course pathway correctly. This is to ensure that we can transfer all your completed units into your new course without placing you at a disadvantage.


What documents do I need to provide when I apply?

We encourage you to provide us with a copy of all your educational qualifications and documentations along with a reference letter from your pastor and/or local church. We also require a personal statement outlining your reasons for choosing Vose Seminary and the program you wish to study. Feel free to include any additional documents and qualifications that you feel would strengthen your application. The more documentation and information received will enable us to determine your eligibility and provide a more accurate pathway.

How do I apply for recognition of prior learning?

Please contact us if you wish to apply for recognition of prior learning. Please note that you will be required to submit any additional documentations that would support your application as well as notifying us which units you would like to receive recognition of prior learning. This process will be reviewed by the appropriate academic board for approval and we encourage you to submit your recognition of prior learning request as soon as possible.

If you are applying for recognition of prior learning for your VET qualifications – you may be eligible to receive recognition of prior learning at the ACT level. Please kindly contact us if you are eligible for any recognised of prior learning for both ACT and VET level.

What is the difference between Ministry, Theology and Divinity?

The difference between, say, a Bachelor of Ministry and a Bachelor of Theology is that while both degrees have basically the same core units, the electives differ. Those taking the Ministry degree can take more units directly related to practical pastoral studies (e.g. Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy, Supervised Field Education, etc.). Those taking the Theology degree will take more units of Bible and Theology and may also take one or both biblical languages (i.e. Greek and Hebrew).


Divinity is an old-fashioned word that means the same as Theology. However, in the academic world it is used for Graduate programmes when someone already has a first degree in another field. For example, suppose Jane has completed her Bachelor of Business and Finance at another university, and now wants to study Theology. She might enrol, as a graduate, in the Graduate Diploma of Divinity or the Master of Divinity. The names of these awards are internationally recognised as referring to Graduate studies in Theology.

How do I get my SmartRider?

Full-time students are entitled to discounted concession fares on Transperth services. To apply for your SmartRider, please complete the Application for Metropolitan Tertiary SmartRider form from the Transperth website and have it verified at the Reception for processing. Please note that Tertiary SmartRider concessions are only valid until the 31st of March in the year following the application and you will need to submit a new application each year.

Can I select a unit from a different ACT college?

Yes, but the Vose Academic Dean will need to approve that the unit fits into your Course Pathway

Are there courses available to international students?

Yes, most of our courses are available to international students. Courses available to international students are marked on our website with an *asterisk. You can contact us to check whether the course you are interested in is available to international students.

How long is the course?

For ACT courses:

The length of the course is dependent on whether you have Advanced Standing or Recognition of Prior Learning. Prospective students are encouraged to seek advice from our Course Pathway advisory team in order to get accurate information.


For VET courses:

Cert IV Ministry – 1-year full time
Diploma of Ministry – 1-year full time
Diploma of Leadership and Management – 1-year full time, 3 years part time

How many units do I have to complete?

For ACT units:

The number of units you need to complete depends on which course you choose and if you have Advanced Standing or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Prospective students are encouraged to seek advice from our Course Pathway advisory team in order to get accurate information.


For VET units:

Cert IV Ministry – 8 units full time
Diploma of Ministry – 8 units full time
Diploma of Leadership and Management – 12 units full time

How do I pay?

We accept the following payment options:

    • Upfront payment – via cash, direct debit, cheque and credit card
    • FEE-HELP
    • Payment plan cycle

Are there any government loans or support available?

For VET programs:
Unfortunately, there are no government loans available for any of our VET programs.

For ACT programs:
Yes, FEE-HELP is available for our ACT courses. Please ensure that you visit the FEE-HELP FAQ on the ACT website to ensure that you meet the FEE-HELP eligibility requirements. For more information about FEE-HELP, please refer to the Study Assist webpage.

Is the course Centrelink approved?

Yes, most of our courses are Centrelink approved.
Please note the following courses are not approved by Centrelink:

    • Master of Theology
    • Research Degree

How much does it cost?

The cost of each unit is dependent on the program that you are studying.

For VET programs:

You will find our VET course and unit fees here.

For ACT programs:

The cost of each unit can be viewed on our tuition fee schedule for ACT 2020. Most units at ACT are at 12 credit points – for domestic students it is $2,400.00 per unit and for international students it is $2,760.00 per unit.

The cost for the entire program is dependent on the program of study, as each program requires a different number of units to be completed. General course cost calculation would be $2,400.00 x the requirement of units to be completed for the course. For example, Diploma of Theology requires 8 units to be completed = $2,400.00 x 8 units = $19,200.00 for the Diploma of Theology. Please contact us if you need any assistance in calculating the course cost for your program.

Still have a question?