Postgraduate education degrees

Since the commencement of the 2015 academic year, Vose has been offering two postgraduate education programs – 1) Master of Education and 2) Master of Education (Leadership). This has been made possible because of a partnership that has been established with Morling College (Sydney). These programs have attracted enrolments from some outstanding educators and leaders from across Western Australia’s Christian schools network, some of whom are now nearing completion of their degrees.

One of the attractions for students in these programs has been the unique mode of unit delivery.  Referred to as the iCollaborate Network approach, students are able to enjoy the flexibility of online learning coupled with the opportunity (if they choose) to engage in some face-to-face activities.  There is no doubt that this is proving to be a very successful model.

Vose is currently exploring opportunities with its tertiary partners and our hope is to broaden the courses available to include undergraduate teacher training and counselling in our next phase of development.  Our dream is to continue the expansion into other disciplines once these programs are well established and thriving.

iCollaborate Postgraduate Learning Networks


Students enrolled in one of Morling College’s Master’s courses through Vose can be part of a postgraduate learning network. Through the iCollaborate Networks you will enjoy the benefits of an approach to learning that is both flexible and collaborative

How It Works


iCollaborate Networks can be established within a school or across a network of schools within a region and requires a minimum of 6 participants. Once a group is formed, a learning program is established that is tailored to meet the needs of the group studying in one of the Master’s courses. The online-based learning is supplemented with some face-to-face sessions. The timing and venue for the face-to-face sessions is negotiated prior to the commencement of the program.

Study Focus


All of the units bring together contemporary educational research and thinking with a robust exploration of how teaching and learning and/or educational leadership can be shaped and informed by a Christian worldview.

The courses that are offered are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA).

The iCollaborate meetings have been excellent. As a student returning to study after many years, they have been an invaluable source of assistance and learning, as I have commenced my Masters of Educational Leadership studies. In fact, because of the support offered through iCollaborate, I know I am coping much better with studying whilst working full-time! Of particular help has been the opportunity to collaborate with others when planning assessments.

Rob Gratton, Principal – Mandurah Baptist College (Primary)

This year I began my Masters of Education Leadership through the iCollaborate network offered through Vose. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The content of the course is interesting and practical, and the opportunity to discuss my learning with others who are doing the same thing has been really fruitful and helpful. Studying online can be difficult, however the support of the iCollaborate network means you can have the best of both worlds – studying at your own pace with a personal and collaborative aspect included. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with Vose and the iCollaborate network.

Sam Sheedy, Teacher – Kingsway Christian College.

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.