Vose’s ethos is shaped by its key values. At Vose we value:

  • Our evangelical heritage, with its commitment to Scripture and conversion, and hold to a theological position that reflects a Christ focused and engaged orthodoxy.
  • Educational excellence, by which we mean education and training which is:
      • relevant
      • historically informed
      • student focused
      • respectful of people, positions and institutions
      • simultaneously stretching and nurturing
      • culturally sensitive
      • accessible
      • informed by the best research and practice.
  • Global and local missional relevance, equipping believers to fulfil both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.
  • The Church, in her many different expressions, and always works to support the mission and ministry of the Church.
  • Transparency and integrity, and are committed to acting with honesty and kindness.

These values work their way out in an ethos that is hospitable, warm, welcoming, and stretching, a place where excellence is valued and becomes possible because the whole team is on your side, helping you to become your best self. Dig a little deeper and you will find this ethos flows from a deep experience of the grace of God – which is celebrated again and again and again.


Statement of Faith

The seminary and its lecturers hold to the Baptist Churches WA statement of faith, and teach within its broad contours. While most students would also agree with the statement, there is no doctrinal requirement of students and we welcome all who want to learn and grow within the Vose ethos. Our students represent many different churches.

Baptists of Western Australia hold that:

  • Jesus Christ alone is head of the Church.
  • The Church is the community called into being by God. In both its universal and local expressions, it consists of persons who have personally and knowingly accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and have pledged themselves to worship, follow and serve him as a priestly community.
  • By his high-priestly ministry, Jesus Christ has opened the way for every believer to approach God the Father directly through him.
  • Jesus Christ is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct in the life of both churches and individuals.
  • He has given to all churches and to every individual the right and responsibility to understand and to do God’s will. Therefore, being accountable to God, Christians are not to despise their fellow believers but to accept one another as Christ’s servants, allowing each other freedom of conscience. God has given to human governments the right and responsibility to promote what is just and good but not to coerce belief or practice contrary to conscience.

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