Undergraduate Courses

Vose offers a variety of Undergraduate courses, listed below.

For full unit descriptions and regulations, see the Australian College of Theology website.

ACT CRICOS Course Codes in brackets next to relevant course.

Course NameCourse Length (Full Time)Maximum Time AllowedCredit Points
*Diploma of Ministry (054659K)1 year5.5 years96
Diploma of Theology1 year5.5 years96
Diploma of Theology / Diploma of Ministry1.5 years7.5 years144
Advanced Diploma of Ministry1.5 years6 years144
Advanced Diploma of Theology1.5 years6 years144
Advanced Diploma of Theology / Ministry2 years8 years64
*Associate Degree of Theology (054716F)2 years6 years192
Bachelor of Christian Studies3 years6 years288
*Bachelor of Ministry (054670D)3 years9 years288
*Bachelor of Theology (054676J)3 years9 years288
*Bachelor of Theology / Ministry (086274G)4 years12 years384
Bachelor of Ministry (Honours)1 year3 years96
Bachelor of Theology (Honours)1 year3 years96

*Courses are available to International Students  |  As an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, Vose is approved to deliver the above courses of the ACT (CRICOS 02650E)

“Vose has been foundational in helping me reflect on my theology and practice, and helping me with the formation of my ministry. The staff have been great teachers, who have shown love for their students. My training at Vose meant I was able to step into our prisons equipped to demonstrate God’s love to people of many different faiths or no faith as a chaplain for 5 years’ and remains foundational in my role as pastor”.

Gavin Douglas

Senior Pastor Tom Price Baptist Church

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