Vose Training aims to equip you for your chosen vocation and inspire you to reach your goals. We believe in providing exciting and collaborative learning environments as well grounding what you learn in your own context.

Certificate IV in Ministry (10473NAT/088808K)

Explore. In-class or online training designed to help you discover new horizons.

  • Available online or as face to face classes
  • Classes available in Bentley or Joondalup
  • 1 year Full-Time or 2 year Part-Time
  • Designed to help people explore faith, ministry and theology
  • Contains the 2 units required for chaplaincy qualifications

Diploma of Ministry (10474NAT/08809J)

Experience. Online training with integrated internships to help shape the future of the church.

  • Available online with full support
  • Also run as integrated internship – with online components designed to support students in ministry placements
  • Contextualised assessments, grounding your learning in your environment
  • 1 year Full-Time or 2 year Part-Time

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.