Vose Training

At Vose Training we believe in training that transforms. We are committed to setting up partnerships with churches, organisations and other colleges, so that they can see training come to life in their contexts. In 2019, Vose Training and Morling College launched an exciting new partnership. From July 2019, all Vose Training courses will be available to students in New South Wales delivered on site at Morling College.



Certificate IV in Ministry

Welcome to Vose Training

We believe that learning has less to do with knowledge, and more to do with transformation. Knowledge is important, but what good is knowing something if that knowledge doesn’t begin to reshape you, and the world in which you live?

At Vose Training we believe that all learning should be transformative. Whether we are training you for ministry, theology, or leadership and management, we bring the same passion into every single moment, because we have only one goal: to deliver training that transforms.

Our vision is to be a platform for churches and organisations across Australia to deliver transformational training in their own context, to make disciples for God’s kingdom.

Vose Training is a national Registered Training Organisation (RTO#0145) that delivers high quality online and face to face training in Ministry.

In Western Australia Vose Training runs as a department of Vose Seminary, which is a ministry of The Baptist Churches of Western Australia. In New South Wales, Vose Training runs programs in partnership with Morling College.

Learning Options

We believe in making study accessible, and available. It’s not always practical for people to come to one central location and sit in a class for several hours. That’s why our training offers a range of flexible and varied options that allow you to study online, face to face, or a combination of both.

Online Learning

Online learning can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our online courses are easy-to-navigate and highly engaging, to ensure you get the most from your experience. With a combination of HD video lectures, audio sessions, interactive presentations, forums, video chats and online activities, there has never been a better time to expand your horizons, as you organise study around your busy schedule.

Face to Face Classes

Sometimes there is nothing better than being able to sit in a classroom with other people and learn from one another. We deliver training, we don't give lectures. It’s our job to facilitate your learning in way that leaves a lasting impact and helps you really understand the content. Whatever you are learning, there are creative ways for you to engage. For you, this might mean studying alongside others in an interactive classroom dynamic.

Training Hubs

Training Hubs have been set up around the cities in which we train, to allow students to gather to learn as part of a community. We offer evening (and sometimes weekend) classes in places where there is a local cohort of students, as part of our mission of bringing training to life in your context. If you think there might be enough local students to form a new hub, then let us know.

Accredited Training

As a Registered Training Organisation, Vose Training offers accredited training that will enable you to combine world-class training with a recognised qualification in  Ministry at Certificate IV level. They are not generic units that fast-track a qualification but are individually designed to ensure that you are equipped to meet the demands of your career or calling.

Get in touch with us at office@vose.edu.au

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.