Theologians At Lunch

The Word: with Jon Bergmann

This Advent season, we are going to explore the many names used to describe Jesus. As we start off Advent today, we are starting with The Word. I wonder, have you ever said something that you don’t mean, and immediately regretted it saying it? It’s almost as if once you put your words out there they can’t be taken back. In contrast, have you ever been around someone whose every word just encouraged you so much? Words have incredible power in our lives, to both build up and tear down.

As we head into the Christmas season I’m reminded of one of the earliest names of Jesus in the Bible – the Word of God. It says that he is the word made flesh, but this word, is meant to bring life. The image I have of Jesus is someone whose life reverberated with hope, to the point where everyone around him felt empowered.

This is how I want to use my words. To bring life.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash