Theologians At Lunch

The Vine: with Cate Vose

Throughout Advent, we have been reflecting on the different titles of Jesus. In the Gospel of John, Jesus calls himself the Vine, and he calls us, the branches. He describes God as the great gardener, and invites us to consider that a fruitful life is one where all we do, is stay connected to him. I love that image of the vine – vines are amazing plants! We had a passionfruit vine which used to live next to our outdoor shower, and so it got lots of water. Before too long, it had taken over the whole back part of our house. As often as I stood there admiring it, I would think about this statement that Jesus made about himself, and about us. And it got me thinking about flourishing. A branch can’t flourish without being attached to the vine. But a strong branch, well, a strong branch can bear much fruit, grow a long way and explore all sorts of interesting territory! Vines always have room for more branches, they are not static, they are always growing, always budding, spreading out, providing shade, and food and beauty. This Christmas as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, remember the vine, and know that his life is for our flourishing.

Photo by David Köhler on Unsplash