Theologians At Lunch

The power of story with Monica O’Neil

During November, we want to open up a conversation about the power of story.

I used to try to write stories as a kid. I hoped they would be amazing, long and compelling. Sadly they were short, dull and lacked colour. I want my life story to be like I wanted my childhood stories to be- amazing, long, compelling. But I have a quiet knowledge in my heart that my story, left in my own hands, may have turned out a little lacklustre. I’m grateful there is a master author, stronger than me: my story writing God. Ever respectful of my choices and yet not manipulated by them, God leads in paths of adventure, goodness and passion. I’m grateful my story has a master writer and my, what an adventure it is so far.

Everyone has a story, what’s your story?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash