Theologians At Lunch

The Light of the World: with Monica O’Neil

During Advent we’ve been reflecting and Jesus who is called the Light of the World.

I find the dark a little disconcerting. In pitch black I walk into doors, trip on the cat and my steps are slow. But give me a torch or a candle and I can hurtle through the corridors! Life can get pretty dark and making our way through the pitch black times can leave us frightened, tentative and with a few bruises and spills. It’s natural to find the darkness threatening, and it’s only human to bump around in the dark and lose our way. Jesus came as light in darkness. He’s our candle, our floodlight and His presence in our lives is illuminating.

Why not have a look into the light this Christmas? Ask a friend, visit a church, try praying. It might just turn the light on.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash