Theologians At Lunch

The Lamb: with Monica O’Neil

Now that Advent is upon us, I’ve been thinking about Jesus who is called the Lamb of God.

I’ve been up close with one or two lambs and while they are cute they don’t seem like a great way of describing God at first. Surely God is strong? Surely God is big and almighty? Surely God is like a Boa Constrictor or a Mammoth or a Lion? But Jesus is called The Lamb.

Great power became gentle and made a great sacrifice. Christmas is when we tell the story that our powerful Creator chose gentle and vulnerable, chose to become one of us as an act of joining with us and ultimately sacrificing his life for us.  He set power aside to love us.

Why not have a look into Jesus the gentle sacrificial one this Christmas? Ask a friend, visit a church, try praying.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash