Theologians At Lunch

The Good Shepherd: with Justine Humphreys

As we know from our studies of Scripture, there are many names for Jesus. I find it interesting that Jesus chose to call Himself different things. The good shepherd is a particularly meaningful and widely quoted one.

Christmas is just around the corner, when we will be celebrating the birth of Our Savior, the Good Shepherd. In response to this great gift, I am thankful. Thankful that Jesus chose to be obedient, to come to Earth at all. I’m also thankful and grateful that Jesus laid down His life for us. Most of us are not called to die for Jesus, but to live. We are called to follow Him and know Him as best we can. We are called to be obedient sheep. And for me, that obedience only comes from being intentional about my relationship with my Shepherd.

Photo by Mehdi Genest on Unsplash