Theologians At Lunch

The Christ: with Jon Bergmann

There is something so refreshingly unremarkable about the Christmas story. I mean the story has angels, and shepherds, and kinds, and big stars – it’s kinda cool – but it’s also the story of a young child, born out of wedlock, into a poverty-stricken life, in the midst of violence and pain. It’s into this world that Jesus would begin to live the kind of life that showed all of us how much was possible – even if the story begins on the mud floor of a stable.

Sometimes we might wonder where God is in the world– but when I’m faced with those question I’m always reminded how this story began. It began in the most unexpected and unremarkable way.

There’s a beautiful quote from a guy called Thomas Merton that really sums up Christmas for me. He says: “It is into this world – this demented inn – that Christ has come. Uninvited.”

Merry Christmas, from Vose Seminary.

Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash