Theologians At Lunch

The Bread of Life: with Jon Bergmann

There’s a story in the Bible where everybody is stressing out about not having enough food to feed everyone that has rocked up to this big event. It’s a famous story, and what happens is that a young boy comes up and offers what he has to help the cause. What happens next is unclear, but the end result is that everyone – thousands of people – end up getting fed with more than enough food. Jesus then goes on to describe himself as the Bread of Life. Sometimes I wonder if this analogy, this story, encourages us to think about God in ways that lead us to experience life through lens of that boy. He was small, he didn’t have much, but because of who he saw in Jesus he was compelled to be generous, to sacrifice, to give all he had for the many. As we head into Christmas maybe this story could resound in our imaginations as we too ask the question, how can I offer what I have, to bring something to all those who have nothing?

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash