Dr Michael O'Neil; Director Vose Research, Theologians At Lunch

Tell the Story!

Tell the story!

In a recent article in the Weekend Australian entitled “The Birth of Meaning” John Carroll wrote a quite penetrating complaint. His complaint was concerning the infantilising of Christmas in western culture. It was an article in the Christmas edition of the paper and concerned the nativity’s place in recent western culture.

The whole article is worth reading. Carroll targets the churches with a particular criticism:

The churches have been derelict in their primary duty: they have failed to retell their constitutive and defining story in meaningful contemporary terms … They have inherited the richest cultural treasure in the Western tradition, yet they turn their backs on it and wonder why their pews are empty. They compensate by taking up social justice and political causes. However, once they have become indistinguishable from social workers and political activists, why should anyone take their religious pretensions seriously?

His advice: tell the story! With all its metaphysical claims, and its whole-of-life Jesus narrative.

Sounds like welcome advice.

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