Student Handbook

2020 Student Handbook

Contact Details

Each student must have an email address. This is our primary use of communication to all our staff and students. Please ensure that your email address is current and that you check your emails regularly. To update your telephone number and email address, please notify the Reception or Student Services team by emailing



Vose Online is the online home for Vose students, where they can find all necessary resources and information for all units that they are enrolled in. Students can also interact with other students, participate in activities and games, and find help for referencing, writing essays, and finding resources, as well as talking to lecturers, trainers, and tutors. It is here that students can easily submit assessments without worrying about printing costs or losing their work, and where students will receive assessment feedback. All new students will receive information on accessing Vose Online for the first time when they enrol. Please contact reception if you are having troubles with your Vose Online or if you would like further information.


Student eNews

A weekly newsletter is emailed to all staff and students during each Semester. The newsletter will include vital information about upcoming events, timetables and exams, vacant opportunities and other important happenings around Vose. If you wish to have an event, news item, ministry position vacancy or prayer-point to be included in the newsletter, please email the Reception or Student Services team by emailing



The noticeboard is located in the student dining room with important information regarding job vacancies, missionary’s reports, prayer points and other student notices. Please contact the office staff before posting on the noticeboard.



Beyond is a publication of Vose Seminary. If you have any news or announcements to share such as engagements, weddings, births, new ministry appointment with alumni and supporters please forward details to
You can view the Beyond Publication on our website



The photocopier is located in the library for single and double sided white A4 printing only. For other specific printing requirements, please see the Reception or Library for assistance. Photocopying is $0.15 per A4 black and white page, $0.30 per A4 colour page, $0.30 per A3 black and white page, $0.60 per A3 colour page and scanning is free of charge. For access to use or any issues with the photocopier, please see the Reception or Library for assistance.


Student Cards

Student cards can be collected from the Reception desk during the first week of each Semester or Term. If you have not received your student card, please contact or visit the Reception or Student Services team.
Please note that your student card is only valid for the year that it is issued and it is not transferable to the next year.
You will be required to provide a current photo or have your photo taken by our office team in order for us to process your student card.
Your student card will be used as your library membership card to borrow books from the library.
Your student card will grant you student discounts at Koorong bookstore and selected movie theatres.
Please note that your Vose student card does not enable you to travel at a student concession rate on Transperth services. Please go to the Transperth SmartRider page for more details on concession travel.



Full time students are entitled to discounted concession fares on Transperth services. Application for a Tertiary Smartrider, please complete the Application for Metropolitan Tertiary Smartrider form and have it verified at the Reception for processing. The Application for Metropolitan Tertiary Smartrider forms can be downloaded from the Transperth website. Tertiary Smartrider concessions are only valid until March 31st in the year following the application. Your Tertiary Smartrider concession entitlements expires annually on the 31st of March and you will be required to submit a new application for the Tertiary Smartrider each year.



Vose will provide students with their username and password for Vose Online. You will be able to access the Library skills module on Vose Online which will provide you with instructions on registering for Library (library catalogue), EBSCO (journals and eBooks), Proquest (journals), ARI (journals citations), eBooks Central (eBooks) and Wheelers (eBooks). If you have not received or if you have forgotten your username or password, please contact the Reception or Student Services team for assistance.


Contacting the Student Services team

You can contact the Student Services team by emailing at, phoning (08) 6313 6200 or visiting us on campus during office hours – Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 4:30pm.

General Facilities

It is a privilege to steward the campus site that we have, and we take a community approach to care for our site and facilities. If you see that something is broken or needs replenishing, please contact the Reception. Please keep the air conditioners to 24 degrees year round and keep doors and windows closed when using the air conditions.


Facility Hire

Students and Alumni are able to book and use Vose venues for meetings, conferences, reception, services and other function events. Students and Alumni will receive 10% discount on the advertised rate. For more information and booking details, please see the Reception.



The Chapel is available for personal and small group use at all times outside than the scheduled services, activities or classes.


Recreational Facilities

The Student Room is located adjacent to the dining room and is available for students to use for recreational purposes. The room includes lounges, TV, table tennis, foosball table and board. All students are welcome to use this space throughout the week. It is the responsibility of students to maintain the cleanliness of these facilities.


Internet Access

Vose students are able to access the wireless internet. Please visit the Reception or Library to obtain the username and password.


Social Media

There is a dedicated Vose Students Facebook group for student discussions, activities and events. If you would like to be added into this group, please contact the Reception or Student Services team.



No smoking is permitted within or immediately around any of the Seminary buildings. There is a smoking zone located in the back car park near the basketball court



We rely on everyone using the kitchen facilities to maintain them Students are asked to keep the kitchen/dining room area clean and tidy. Please ensure that crockery and cutlery are washed, dried and put away once finished. Vose is a serving community and we ask that you be mindful of the next person/group needing to use the facilities. A vending machine is available in the student dining room for you to purchase drinks and snacks at your convenience.

Campus Life

Our desire at Vose is to provide a learning environment for students that fosters and celebrates growth in sound thinking (orthodoxy) and its application (orthopraxy). That is, we seek to nurture right thinking about God that is reflected in our actions and works. To this end, our vision is not merely academic, but also focuses on community and learning how to grow into the likeness of All students are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of the academic programs and community life at Vose.


Study Options

Vose students can study on campus, online, in an intensive format, or a combination of all We also have hubs at Riverview Church and Lake Joondalup Baptist Church for our VET students. Please refer to the tuition fee schedule as intensive units have different enrolment dates and withdrawal dates each semester. Online students are encouraged to engage with the Vose community by using forums in Vose Online (our online Learning Management System, (LMS)), visiting campus for lectures or Chapel occasionally and enrolling in intensives when possible.


Academic Year

The academic year consists of three semesters that run for 13 weeks per semester for ACT students and four 8 week terms for Vose Training students. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all commencement and study dates for each semester and term, as well as other important dates throughout the year. The Academic Calendar is subject to change, and the most up-to-date version of it is always on Vose Online, and the Vose website.



Lectures are held throughout the week and occur both during the day and in the Each unit is generally a 3 hour block per week. Lectures and tutorials are usually grouped so that students taking one unit only need to come to the seminary for a three hour block each week. Students should allow at least ten hours study per unit per week for the semester. Some units are held as “intensive” units, and run for a week or several blocks of days during the semester or term.


Formation Wednesday

As a cornerstone of community life at Vose, we encourage students to become involved in the Formation Wednesday Program, which is designed to be a time to integrate the heart, head and hands in a community setting. It incorporates a number of activities including:

    • Guided Spiritual Formation (GSF)
    • Chapel
    • Community lunch

This time is a great opportunity to worship together, get to know one another and share some of our experiences. All full time students are expected to participate in Formation Wednesday activities, while the involvement of part time students is strongly encouraged.


Other Family Involvement

Spouses, families and friends are always welcome at Chapel and special Vose events.


Working Bees

Working bees are a great way to get alongside someone and come to know people that you would not otherwise have met. They are also a great time of community interaction. It is envisaged that these will be held once a


Commencement and Conferral Service

The Commencement and Conferral Service is held in March and is a wonderful way to start the academic year together as a worshipping community. All current students are expected to attend this evening, to encourage the graduating students, welcome new students and celebrate the shared achievements that accompany academic endeavour.


Equipping the Local Church

At the heart of Vose’s mission is the mandate to serve and equip the local church in all her many expressions. To this end, Vose is always keen to send students to visit churches. They may be invited to preach, give a testimony, lead services, or be involved in music. If you have this opportunity; or if you serve regularly on a church team as a Vose student, come and speak with us at Reception about how you can promote Vose. Who knows? Maybe your visit will be the catalyst for someone in the congregation to consider God’s call on their life.


Volunteering at Vose

Volunteers currently contribute in the Vose Library, assist with the annual book sale and help out at special events. However, a greater volunteer workforce is required to aid in Vose’s continual growth and expansion. Volunteers may choose between the many activities that are available at Vose and participate on days and times that are suitable to them. To find out how you can be a Friends of Vose Volunteer, contact Vose today on 6313 6200 or


Giving, Mentoring and Prayer

Vose values giving in the form of prayer, financial contributions and mentoring. If you wish to give of your finances, your time in prayer or expertise as a mentor please contact us or donate on our website.

General Information

Vose Library is available to students, staff and the community by connecting you with the best books and resources. Vose Library has a growing collection of over 47,000 books, 80 current journal titles, access to over 50,000 eBooks, 400 DVDs and three major journal databases. Our friendly team are experts in their field and are ready to assist you. Information sessions are available throughout each semester. Vose library provides a library manual annually which you should receive during your orientation. Please refer to this library manual for all information regarding the use of the library. If you have not received your library manual, please visit one of the friendly library staff members.
Library Hours (teaching weeks only):
Monday                8:30am – 4:30pm
Tuesday                8:30am – 7:00pm
Wednesday          8:30am – 7:00pm
Thursday              8:30am – 7:00pm
Friday                    8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday              10:00am – 1:00pm

During non-teaching weeks – Vose Library is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.


General Rules

We ask everyone using Vose Library to be considerate of other users. This includes taking heed of the noise zones throughout the library with only quiet talking permitted in most part of the library. We also ask everyone to be considerate in helping others where necessary, ensuring that books are promptly returned correctly and that the library is neatly maintained.


Library Facilities

    • Photocopier – 15c per A4 black & white page, 30c per A4 colour page.
      Your account has been set up for you and the default PIN is the last five digits of your student number.
    • Scanning – You can scan pages to an email address or USB stick. Instructions are located above the photocopier.
    • Computers – the computers are for student use, and they have access to the internet and Microsoft Office. Two computers have the Bible Works application which is required for some of the biblical studies units.
    • Wireless internet – free wireless is available to Vose students and library members. Please see Library or Reception staff for the password.
    • Booksale – there are books for sale in the library lounge at the front of the library along with the annual Vose Library booksale.
    • Drinks – you can bring your drinks into the Library. Please be careful and don’t leave your cups behind.
    • Mezzanine study rooms – these can be booked in advance by our research students. Vose students can use them when available.

Assignment and Assessment Methods

Australian College of Theology (ACT)

Methods for assessment vary from unit to unit. The Australian College of Theology (ACT) units usually have one major assessment – either an exam, or a major assignment worth at least 40% of your overall mark. The major assessment is marked by a Vose lecturer, but is also sent to an external moderator to check that the level of assessment is appropriate. Full assessment details can be found in your Unit Outline which is available on Vose Online. Most units will require three different assignments including book reviews, essays, tutorial presentations or case studies. Please refer to the Vose Seminary “A Guide to the Presentation of Essays” on guidelines of the style and structure of academic writing. This guideline is available on Vose Online. All students enrolled into ACT units are entitled to download EndNote for free. EndNote is a powerful bibliographic software system – further details available on Vose Online and at the Library.

Assignments should meet the requirements of the following:

      • Assignment Cover Sheet
      • Essays must conform to the requirements of the Vose Guide to Presentation of Essays (which includes ACT requirements).

Documents can be found in Student Administration and Resources on Vose Online.
All assignments require a cover sheet upon submission. Essays over 1,500 words require an abstract. All assignments must be submitted via Vose Online:


Vose Training (VET) assessments vary in how they are conducted and are competency based. Final assessments all reflect work-place standards and require you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Each assessment will include specific instructions and learning outcomes to guide you. Some Vose Training units are designed to prepare you for higher education study – you will need to follow the guidelines listed under Vose Seminary “A Guide to the Presentation of Essays”.


Late Submission

Penalties apply to assignments and assessment that are not submitted by the due date. Extensions for assignments can be applied for by completing either an online Assignment Extension Form, or the PDF Assignment Extension Form found on Vose Online and submitting it to Reception. All applications must be made before the due date. Please do not approach lecturers in regards to applying for extensions. Compassionate extensions will be granted for genuine emergency situations and circumstances. However, poor planning and normal work and/or pastoral responsibilities are not generally regarded as emergencies. When submitting an assignment which has an extension granted, students must include details of the extension number on the assignment cover sheet upon submission.

For ACT units, where there is no application for an extension and the work is submitted past the due date, the ACT Late Penalties Policy will be applied. The ACT policy states:

“Unless an extension has been applied for and granted in accordance with the Late Penalty Policy, where a student submits an assessment past its due date, the assessment marks will be reduced at the rate of 3% of the total possible marks for the assessment item per calendar day, up to 14 days late.”


Assignment Results and Grades

Lecturers will endeavour to return assignments within two weeks of the due date.


Grades used for ACT Awards are:

        • Fail                                 F               0%-49%
        • High Distinction        HD            85%+
        • Distinction                   D              75%-84%
        • Credit                             C               65%-74%
        • Pass+                             P+             58%-64%
        • Pass                                P               50%-57%


Vose Training (VET) Awards are graded as:

    • Competent (C)
    • Not Competent (NC)

Accessing Results

  • ACT

    Final results are reviewed and verified by the ACT Unit Moderators prior to the official release. Results for ACT are released around the 21st of July and 18th of December for the Semester 1 and 2 respectively.ACT students can access their results online using the ACT Theological Academic Management System (TAMS). Instructions on how to access your ACT results can be found on Vose Online. How to login? Go to the following site: and enter your user name and password. User name: your ACT student ID number (in full) Password: date of birth and ID in the following format: dd/mm + last three digits of ID e.g. Student with ID number as 201512345, born on July 1st has a password of 01/07345.

    Once you have logged in it is highly recommended that you immediately go to ‘Edit Login Details’ and change your password. The password must be at least five (5) characters in length.You can then access your contact details and final grades for all your units. If you have any problems gaining access or using the site, please do not hesitate to contact the ACT office or Student Services team for assistance.

    Australian College of Theology Level 5, 33 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 – phone: (02) 9262 7890

  • VET

    Statement of Attainment will be sent to Vose Training students via email approximately 2 weeks after the end of each study period.



Appeals against a grade or mark received by a student should in the first instance be addressed informally with the assessor. Should the student not be satisfied with the outcome of the informal appeal, the matter will need to be addressed with the Academic Dean. If the grievance remains unresolved to the satisfaction of the student, a formal written appeal may be made to the Principal of the Seminary within 14 days.

In the case of an ACT unit, if the student is still not satisfied with the outcome of the appeals described above, he or she has the right to appeal to the Dean of ACT. The full procedure for this appeal process can be accessed via the ACT website. Grounds for appeal against the result for an individual unit cannot include:

      • The nature of the objectives of the unit
      • The type of assessment
      • The level required to achieve the unit’s objectives


Supplementary Assessment

Supplementary assessment may be granted in cases of illness following the presentation of a satisfactory medical certificate or on compassionate grounds.  Applications must be made in writing and have been received by Vose before 1st July (for Semester 1) or 1st December (for Semester 2). Where supplementary assessments are requested for ACT units, ACT is responsible for granting approval of the request. The mark awarded in the supplementary assessment will appear on the academic transcript.

Please refer to the Vose Seminary Grievance Resolution Policies for further information, available on the Vose website.

Academic Progression

Students are required to pass at least half of their enrolled units for each study period. Students with unsatisfactory progress in one study period will receive a warning letter. Students with unsatisfactory progress in two consecutive semesters may be excluded from the Seminary and will need to consult with the Director of Student Services and Academic Dean prior to re-enrolment. ACT students who have been excluded can apply for re-enrolment after one year, with evidence of capacity to make satisfactory VET students can apply for re-enrolment after exemption of one training period.


Re-Enrolment in Units

Students re-enrolling into the same units that they had unsuccessfully completed, will be required to complete all the required assessments again and may be exempt from attending the lecturers.


Recording of Lectures

Students may record lectures only with the express permission of the lecturer and by providing an undertaking that the recording will be for private use only. In some instances, the recording of lectures will not be permitted because the privacy of other students in the class must be protected and respected.

All powerpoint, lecture and teaching materials are not to be used by students in their personal presentations or teachings without written permission from the author and lecturer.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

ACT may grant advanced standing or recognition of prior learning (RPL) for units undertaken at the VET level. Students applying for advanced standing or RPL will need to provide an application and evidence for approval. Vose Training VET Certificate IV in Ministry and Diploma of Ministry are recognised for advanced standing towards ACT Undergraduate Awards. Please see the Academic Dean or the Student Services team for more details.For Vose Training (VET) students, RPL application is encouraged should the applicant have significant and relevant work experience or qualifications. Please contact the Student Services team for more information.


Enrolment and Census date

Please refer to the Academic Calendar and the relevant Unit Enrolment and Census deadline which is available on the Vose website and Vose Online.

ACT important dates:

Semester 1 – 24th of February to 12th of June

Semester 1 Orientation – 17th and 24th of February

Enrolment deadline – 14th of February

Admin deadline – 6th of March

Census date – 20th of March

Withdrawal date – 3rd of April

Semester 2 – 27th of July to 13th of November

Semester 2 Orientation – 20th and 27th of July

Enrolment deadline – 17th of July

Admin deadline – 7th of August

Census date – 21st of August

Withdrawal date – 11th of September

Semester 3 – 16th of November to 26th of February

Enrolment deadline – 13th of November

Admin deadline – 27th of November

Census date – 4th of December

Withdrawal date – 18th of December


VET important dates:

Term 1 – 10th of February to 10th of April

Enrolment deadline – 7th of February

Census date – 21st of February

Term 2 – 27th of May to 26th of June

Enrolment deadline – 24th of April

Census date – 8th of May

Term 3 – 27th of July to 25th of September

Enrolment deadline – 24th of July

Census date – 7th of August

Term 4 – 12th of October to 11th of December

Enrolment deadline – 9th of October

Census date – 23rd of October


Academic Awards

Vose Seminary Awards

Prizes are awarded to students for excellence in various subject areas, application to studies and contribution to seminary life. Eligibility details can be obtained from the Academic Dean. Please see below for a list of Student Prizes.

ACT Awards
  • Dux
    • For the student graduating with the highest GPA (of at least 3.0) in a coursework degree of at least three years
  • Biblical Studies
    • For the highest average grade in two advanced unit in the Department of Biblical Studies (OT and NT)
  • Christian Thought and History
    • For the highest average grade in two advanced unit in the Department of Christian Thought (TH, PE and CH)
  • Ministry and Practice
    • For the highest average grade in two advanced unit in the Department of Ministry and Practice (DM, EM and PC)
  • Foundations Studies
    • For the highest average of four foundation units not including languages
  • Language Studies
    • For the highest mark in either Biblical Hebrew (LA003A or LA003B) or New Testament Greek (LA004A or LA004B)
  • MA Award
    • For the highest mark in an MA (700) level unit
VET Awards
  • Overall Excellence
  • Internship Excellence
Encouragement Award (ACT and VET)
  • For a student who has shown progress in studies
College Prize (ACT and VET)
  • For all-round progress and performance in studies and contribution to Seminary life
Principal’s Commendation

When there is more than one student who is an excellent candidate for a prize, a Principal’s Commendation may be awarded in addition to the prize

Course Fees

Our fees cover the cost of all materials, tuition and annual library membership. The cost for textbooks and conference attendance, however, is additional. A full list of fees can be found on our website.



All refund requests will need to be addressed in writing to the Student Service team along with supporting documentation and evidence to support the refund application. Please take note of the deadlines listed on our Academic Calendar for refunds and penalties. Please refer to the Vose Seminary Fees Schedule on our website, or contact our Student Service team for more information.




Upfront payments of tuition fees should be made within 7 days of Payment methods include:

        • Cash
        • Money order
        • Cheque
        • Eftpos
        • Visa
        • MasterCard
        • Direct transfer

Upfront payment of tuition fees may be paid via direct debit where an approved Vose Seminary Payment plan has been established. A Direct Debit establishment fee of $25 is applied each semester and a $5 fee is payable for any direct debit payments that are dishonoured.

An invoice will be issued by Vose for the fees associated with each unit in which students are enrolled. It is the student’s responsibility to pay all tuition fees by the due date of the invoice. Students should refer to the Tuition Fee Schedule for all unit fees and miscellaneous charges.

In the event of adverse financial circumstances where the payment of fees presents difficulties, students are advised to contact Director of Corporate Services or the Student Services to discuss their situation. Students with an outstanding account balance at the end of semester will not receive their academic transcripts or be able to re-enrol until all fees due are paid.

Student Loan

    • FEE-HELP is available for all units taken for credit towards an ACT award and eligible students must complete an Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) which can be accessed through the ACT’s Education Management System (EMS). FEE-HELP students should note that any miscellaneous charges cannot be deferred to FEE-HELP. For more information about FEE-HELP, please refer to the Study Assist website.
    • Vocational Student Loan (VSL) is available for Vose Training (VET) students for the Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918) only. For more information about VSL, please refer to the Study Assist website.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Vose Seminary has undertaken to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act, 1988 and the National Privacy Principles included in the Privacy Act (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2014.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Vose Training is required to report on data it obtains from its students to State and or Federal Government agencies for reasons such as research, statistical analysis and the generation of performance reports for RTOs. They may gain a better understanding of their standing with other RTOs in relation to customer satisfaction.

Information about a student, except as required by law or as required under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, is not disclosed without the student’s written permission and that of their parent or guardian if the student is under 18 years of age. Student assessment results are retained in a secure location for a period of 30 years in accordance with current Federal and State legislation, before being destroyed. Actual assessment items are stored for up to two years.



As a Registered Training Organisation, Vose has agreed to operate within the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. As part of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, RTOs must be compliant with Commonwealth and State legislation and all of its regulatory requirements.

Vose’s policies and procedures align with current legislation governing:

      • Vocational education and training
      • Occupations health and safety
      • Workplace harassment, victimization and bullying
      • Equal opportunity
      • Privacy

Important legislation underpinning Vose’s operational framework:

    • National Vocational Regulator Act 2011 (Commonwealth)
    • Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 (Commonwealth)
    • National Vocational Education and Training (Consequential Amendments) Act 2011 (Commonwealth)
    • National Vocational Education and Training Regulator (Transitional Provisions) Act 2011 (Commonwealth)
    • Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements 2011 (Commonwealth)
    • Fit and Proper Person Requirements (Commonwealth)
    • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (WA)
    • Workers’ Compensation (Common Law Proceedings) Act 2004 (WA)
    • Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management (Acts of Terrorism) Act 2001 (WA)
    • Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 (WA)
    • Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 (WA)
    • Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA)
    • Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Commonwealth)
    • Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Commonwealth)
    • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth)
    • Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Commonwealth)
    • Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth)
    • Fair Work Act 2009 (Commonwealth)

Non-Discriminatory Language

Vose is committed to the use of non-discriminatory language in all forms of communication. Students and staff alike should avoid the use of discriminatory language in written and oral expression in all activities undertaken within the Vose community.

Discriminatory language is that which refers in derogatory, demeaning or abusive terms to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, citizenship or nationality, ethnic or language background, physical or mental ability, or political or religious views, or which stereotypes groups in an adverse manner. This is not meant to preclude or inhibit legitimate academic debate on any issue; however the language used in such debate should be non-discriminatory and sensitive to these matters. It is especially important to avoid the use of discriminatory language in written work. The most common form of discriminatory language in academic work tends to be in the area of gender inclusiveness. Students are requested to be vigilant, ensuring that the language employed is non-discriminatory in all respects.


Plagiarism, Collusion and Cheating

In line with the expectations of other Australian tertiary educational institutions, and following the policy and guidelines of the Australian College of Theology, Vose Seminary regards academic misconduct as a serious matter. The following paragraphs were adapted from the ACT, Undergraduate Handbook:

Students are expected to acknowledge the source of their ideas and expressions used in their written work. To provide adequate documentation is not only an indication of academic honesty but also a courtesy enabling the marker to consult sources with ease. Deliberate failure to provide documentation may constitute plagiarism, which is subject to the charge of academic misconduct.

Plagiarism might be defined as the wilful reproduction or paraphrasing of substantial unacknowledged written passages in a student’s work, or pretending that a scholar’s ideas are the student’s own. Students are required to acknowledge by use of footnotes (or endnotes) the origin of extracts, quotes and paraphrases contained in their work. Quotations should be referenced in accordance with the approved conventions as outlined in the ‘Vose Guide to the presentation of essays’ document.

Collusion—i.e., unauthorised collaboration – Students are encouraged to discuss matters covered in units because that is one of the most practical ways in which learning occurs. However, students ought not to assist other students in the writing of individual assessments, such as providing written material to be copied.

Re-submission of Work

Material submitted for assessment in one unit may not be submitted for assessment in any other unit.

Students are advised to check with the unit coordinator or tutor about acceptable academic procedure. This is important as wilful academic misconduct may result in the student’s exclusion from the award in which he or she is enrolled for a period of one year; the awarding of a fail grade for the whole unit of which the assessment is a part; the awarding of 0% for the assessment with or without the opportunity to redeem the assignment. It is also important to note that, in the event of an allegation of academic misconduct, Vose students have the subsequent right of appeal against any adverse findings (see ACT Undergraduate Handbook).

Personal belongings

Please be aware that, over the study breaks particularly, incidents of theft and vandalism have occurred at Vose Seminary. Please do not leave personal belongings in your car or unattended at any time.


First Aid

Several of our staff members hold current First Aid Certificates. In the event of an accident or injury please report to Reception.



In the event of an emergency, please follow instructions by Vose staff. Evacuation plans are located in each room. Follow the instructions for the nearest and safest route to the Evacuation Assembly Point.

      • In the event of a fire or emergency you may be requested to evacuate the seminary or we may enter lock down, depending on the situation.
      • In the event of an evacuation, you will be requested to evacuate over the loud speakers. All persons will be required to evacuate the building in an orderly manner and report to the assembly point.
      • It is imperative that NO PERSON LEAVES the Evacuation Assembly Point until directed to do so because everyone must be accounted for.
      • In the event of a lock down, all doors, windows and blinds must be closed and locked with all occupants of the room on the floor away from windows, out of sight of doors/windows where possible. Lock down is to be maintained until you are instructed otherwise over the loud speaker.

Course Pathway Advisors

Course Pathway Advisors are available to provide guidance regarding academic progression, unit selection, course pathway and advice to help students achieve their vocational goals and studies.
Appointments with a Course Pathway Advisor can be made through the Reception or the Student Services Team.

  • Michael Kok – Undergraduate (ACT)
  • Dr. Michael O’Neil or Lloyd Porter – Graduate, Postgraduate, Masters and Research (ACT)
  • Jon Bergmann – Vose Training (VET)


Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

At Vose, we take the pastoral care of our student body seriously, and offer support through a variety of channels. Vose Leadership employs a number of different professional supervisors and coaches, who have a wide range of skills and experiences including; pastoral care, chaplaincy, counselling, coaching, leadership and critical incident management. Our experienced coaches are able to provide referrals and have contacts for specialist mental health services. Students are able to access the coaching and supervision services at a discounted rate. For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Monica O’Neil, Director of Vose Leadership through the Student Services team or Reception.


Learning Advisors

Learning Advisors are available to support students with developing their academic writing and assignments preparation. Students will receive two (2) free half hour (30 minutes) sessions per semester (regardless of the number of units enrolled in) with a Learning Advisor. If a student has attended the two free sessions and requires further assistance, additional appointments can be arranged at a cost of $35 per hour sessions. Sessions can be arranged either in a group or as individual sessions, depending on the demand and nature of the assistance required. You can make a booking for a session with one of our Learning Advisors through the Reception or the Student Services team.


Counselling Services

Australian citizens and permanent residents can access Medicare benefits for psychological health care Please visit your local GP and request a mental health plan. Your GP should provide you with a referral to a clinical psychologist, and Medicare will subsidise a certain number of the session fees. For more information, please speak to your local GP or visit the Medicare website.


If you would like more information about local psychologists or would like personal recommendations from staff members that work and teach within the mental health area, please contact the Reception or Student Services team.

If you are experiencing acute emotional or psychological distress, please call Lifeline on 131 114, or present at your local Emergency Department.

Other providers of Counselling services include:
Anglicare: or 9325 7033
Centrecare: or 9325 6644
Relationships Australia: or 9489 6313

Additional International Student Information

Vose Training (Vocational Education and Training – VET) Awards (CRICOS Provider Number 01052B)

    • Certificate IV in Ministry (CRICOS Course Code: 10573NAT)
    • Diploma of Ministry (CRICOS Course Code: 10574NAT)


Australian College of Theology (ACT) Awards (CRICOS Provider Number 02650E) – Undergraduate

    • Diploma of Ministry (CRICOS Course Code: 054659K)
    • Associate Degree of Theology (CRICOS Course Code: 054716F)
    • Bachelor of Ministry (CRICOS Course Code: 054670D)
    • Bachelor of Theology (CRICOS Course Code: 054676J)
    • Combined Bachelor of Ministry/Bachelor of Theology (CRICOS Course Code: 086274G)


Australian College of Theology (ACT) Awards – Graduate

    • Graduate Certificate of Divinity (CRICOS Course Code: 076017G)
    • Graduate Diploma of Divinity (CRICOS Course Code: 054685G)
    • Master of Divinity (CRICOS Course Code: 054688E)


Australian College of Theology (ACT) Awards – Postgraduate

    • Master of Arts (Ministry) Standard Pathway (CRICOS Course Code: 054698C)
    • Master of Arts (Ministry) Accelerate Pathway (CRICOS Course Code: 094615B)
    • Master of Arts (Theology) Standard Pathway (CRICOS Course Code: 054703M)
    • Master of Arts (Theology) Accelerate Pathway (CRICOS Course Code: 094614C)
    • Master of Ministry (CRICOS Course Code: 088085G)

Vose Awards

  • Certificate IV in Ministry (1 year) $6,000
  • Diploma of Ministry (1 year) $7,000

ACT Awards

  • Diploma Degree (1 year) $20,800
  • Associate Degree (2 years) $41,600
  • Bachelor Degree (3 years) $62,400
  • Graduate Certificate in Divinity (6 months) $10,400
  • Graduate Diploma of Divinity (1 year) $20,800
  • Master of Divinity (3 years) $62,400
  • Master of Arts (Ministry) Standard (1.5 years) $27,360
  • Master of Arts (Ministry Accelerated (1 year) $18,240
  • Master of Arts (Theology) Standard (1.5 years) $27,360
  • Master of Arts (Theology) Accelerated (1 year) $18,240
  • Master of Ministry $54,720


*These are based on the 2019 fees, it is likely that there will be regular yearly increases roughly in the line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


Vose requires fees to be paid for a full study period (one Semester or Term) in advance before the course or study period commences each time. Please refer to the Fees Schedule and our website for further information pertaining to refunds.

Admission procedure for International students:

    • Identify the course of interest
    • Check the local Australian Embassy regarding the student visa procedure – Department of Home Affairs – please note the Visa Assessment Level relevant to your country
    • Read and understood the academic and English entry requirement of the program. Please visit for further information regarding the IELTS test
    • Complete the online enrolment via the Vose website including evidence of all educational and English qualifications, as well as a copy of your passport in English. Please note there is a non-refundable application fee of AUD$250.00 for International students
    • An Offer, Acceptance letter and the Written Agreement form will be given to successful applicants. The Acceptance letter and Written Agreement are required to be completed along with an Enrolment form, and evidence of your tuition fee payment
    • Upon receiving the required documentations and payment, the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be issued, which is required in order to apply for a student visa through the Australian Embassy or High Commission in your country
    • Acceptance of enrolment does not guarantee that a student visa will be granted. Student should make enquiries regarding their student visa application process to their local Australian Embassy.

Please arrange to arrive in Australia at least one week prior to the commencement of the course.

English Requirements

International students whose first language is not English will be required to sit an IELTS test. The IELTS test must have been taken within the last 3 years.
International students who have a tertiary qualification taught in English from the approved listed countries –will not have to fulfll the English entry requirement. You can view the Approved Countries on the current list of English Language Proficiency requirements of the Australian Universities Admission Centre.
Alternatively, evidence of completing a Vocational or Higher Education qualification in Australia or in English within the past 4 years will demonstrate the minimum English entry requirement.English entry requirement for the Certificate IV and Diploma program under the Vose Training awards will require an overall score of 5.5 with no band below 5.0 in their IELTS test. English entry requirements for Diploma, Associate and Bachelor degree under the ACT awards will require an overall score of 6.5 with no band below 6.0 in their IELTS test. English entry requirements for the Gradate Certificate, Diploma and Master degree under the ACT awards will require an overall of 7.0 with no band below 7.0 in their IELTS tests.


Academic Requirements

There are a variety of ways in which you can demonstrate your suitability for studying at Vose:

  • A Western Australian Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) of 65 or its equivalent.
  • Previous formal study at TAFE or another tertiary level institute.
  • Results in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test conducted by the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre.
  • Demonstrate through life experience, maturity and motivation that you will be able to finish the course of study.

To enrol in the Master of Divinity or the Graduate Diploma of Divinity you need a degree or equivalent qualification in a non-theological field.

Preferred dates for International Admission Application

    • Semester 1: 30th of September (of the year before you intend to start)
    • Semester 2: 31st of March (of the year you intend to start)

Candidates whose applications are received after these dates may have difficulty in obtaining their student visa before the proposed commencement date.

Western Australia is the largest of the Australian states covering about one third of the continent. Perth, the Capital of Western Australia, situated near the coast on the Swan River, has an estimated population of 2.14 million people. It enjoys a warm, sunny climate with the hottest month being February, when the daily temperatures have an average maximum of 30⁰C (with several days peaking at 40⁰C) and a minimum of 19⁰C. The coolest month is July when the temperatures ranges between 18⁰C maximum and 9⁰C minimum (with some nights dropping as low as 0⁰C). The average annual rainfall of 880mm occurs mainly between May and September.Suburbs extending in a 40km radius of Perth have an extensive coastline with good beaches suitable for bathing and other areas providing great surfing. Parks and children’s playgrounds are spread throughout the suburbs. The area has excellent sporting facilities and clubs representing most sports. Perth is a multicultural society with its population drawn from all areas of the world.


Public Transport

Perth has a large public transport network incorporating trains and buses. Being opposite Curtin University means Vose is well serviced by public transport, particularly during University Semesters. Please visit the Transperth website for timetables and other public transport information



Your Student Visa allows you to work while you are studying in Australia. You cannot work until you have commenced your course in Australia. Once your course has commenced, you are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session and unlimited hours when your course is not in session.



Accommodation may be available in the local area including rooms in private residence, apartments or private rentals.


Cost of Living

An International student living in Perth should expect to pay, on average, minimum of AUD$475 per week (single) or AUD$824 (families) for living expenses. Living expenses in Australia can vary, depending on your financial resources, personal taste, interests and other family needs. Students should budget for the following items:

  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water (may be included in rent)
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Entertainment
  • Transport (car or public transport)
  • Health insurance



Shopping Facilities

Most supermarkets and major retailers are open until 9pm Monday to Friday. Perth City Trading Hours:

Monday                8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Tuesday               8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Wednesday         8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Thursday             8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Friday                  8am – 9pm – Late night shopping
Saturday             8am – 5pm
Sunday               11am – 5pm

Perth Metropolitan Suburbs:
Monday              8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Tuesday              8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Wednesday       8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Thursday            8am – 9pm – Late night shopping
Friday                 8am – 9pm (most trade from 9am – 5:30pm)
Saturday            8am – 5pm
Sunday              11am – 5pm



Western Australia has 3-tiered educational systems: Primary school, Secondary school and tertiary education.



Kindergarten is not compulsory and children can attend either full or half days depending on the school. Children turning 4 years old by the 30th of June of the year they attend.


Primary – Pre-Primary to Year 6

It is compulsory for children to attend the first year of Pre-Primary. Children in Pre-Primary to Year 6 attend school 5 full days a week.


Secondary School – Year 7 – Year 12

Generally, children start Year 7 at the age of 12 and finish Year 12 at the age of 17. Dependent of International students can be enrolled in either a public or private school. A visa for the dependent/s will need to be obtained through the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). For more information, please visit the Department of Education website.



Please note that as Australia is an island and relatively free from pests and diseases, it has strict quarantine laws. Food or plants materials may not be brought into the country. Any food or plant material must be declared to customs on entry.


Further Information

Further information regarding services available to International students can be found on the Study Perth website. Students are encouraged to read the ESOS Framework documentation which can be found on the Department of Education website.

Visa Conditions

International Students are required to arrange and maintain sufficient International Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their studies and stay in Australia. For more information please refer to the Government of Health website.

It is a student visa requirement that International Students maintain good class attendance. Should a student be absent from more than 20% of lectures, the lecturer will notify the Academic Dean or the Director of Student Services, and they will contact the student. At this point, Vose may implement an Intervention Strategy if deemed the student is at risk of under-performing or breaching the conditions of their visa. Please refer to Department of Home Affairs website for more information.

As it is an Australian Government directive that International students complete their course within its time-frame, Vose and the Australian College of Theology require International students to take on a full-time load per study period.


Mode of Study

The majority of training for International students at Vose occurs on-campus. However, Vose does provide some of its unit online via Online Learning Mode. International students may only complete up to a maximum of 25% of their course via the Online Learning Mode. Online Learning Mode will only be granted upon successful approval by the Course Advisor.


Working with Children

The Western Australian law requires all people involved in working with children to have a Working with Children (WWC) card. This includes volunteer work in churches. Units that involve children interaction will require students to obtain a Working with Children card prior to the enrolment of the unit. Further details are available at Working with Children website.


Enrolment may be deferred, suspended or cancelled

International students may defer their studies at Vose when significant personal circumstances have interfered, or threaten to interfere, with the educational process. These significant personal circumstances may include but are not limited to:

      • The health and physical well-being of the student or their spouse or family members, whether residing in Australia, in the student’s country of origin or a third country
      • The economic well-being of the student and/or their spouse or family members, whether residing in Australia, in the student’s country of origin, or in a third country
      • Changes to the personal freedom and social well-being, whether actual or threatened, that are brought about by legal, criminal, or political processes and which have a direct affect upon the student, the student’s spouse or family members, whether residing in Australia, in the student’s country of origin, or in a third country

The request must be in writing with evidence to support the circumstance addressing to the Director of Student Services and Academic Dean for approval. The outcome of the request will be determined in writing and an agreement will be signed to any conditions placed on the request being granted and the obligation of the request. Vose will evaluate the evidence provided and reserve the right to determine the outcome of the request. The request will take into consideration the following outcomes:

  • The student’s academic progression to date
  • The student’s attendance records to date
  • Timeframe for the student to complete their course as stated on their CoE


A student’s enrolment may be suspended under the following circumstances:
  • The student’s academic performance does not meet with the minimum expectations of Vose
  • The student’s attendance to class does not meet the minimum expectations stipulated by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • The student does not meet the financial obligation of an International student at Vose contained with the Written Agreement document signed by the student during the admission process.


A student enrolment may be cancelled under the following circumstance:
  • A student does not re-enrol in a subsequent study period
  • Student’s academic performance does not improve and remains below the expected requirement
  • Student’s attendance to class continues to fall short of the minimum expectation stipulated by the Government of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Student does not meet the financial obligation of an International student at Vose contained with the Written Agreement document signed during admission process


To view the academic performance and student attendance expectation, please review the Course Progress Intervention Policy on our website. Should a student wish to appeal the decision of their request or enrolment, they may access the Vose’s Grievance Resolution Policy for International Students and Refund Policy for International Students, available on the Vose website.


Financial Matters for International Students

Vose is unable to offer any scholarship, accommodation, work or other means of support to International students

International students should read the Vose Fees Schedule and the Refund Policy regarding default payments and refunds, available on the Vose website. There is a non-refundable Course Application Fee of $250.00.


More information

For further information regarding ACT Awards programs, please refer to the ACT International Student Handbook. Please review the Australian Government document, “The ESOS Framework-providing quality education and protecting your rights” and the Intervention Strategy Policy. These provide details of Vose’s monitoring of study progression, intervention strategies for unsatisfactory progressions and grounds on which a student’s enrolment may be deferred, suspended or cancelled.


Areas you are able to complain about:

      • Enrolment issues
      • Fees and refunds
      • Transfers (release letters)
      • If you believe your matters/concerns have not been dealt with fairly
      • Mistreatment or misconduct by Vose

If you would like to address your complaint, you should address your complaint to the Director of Student Services and Academic Dean as the internal complaint handling process. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, please refer to the International Students Ombudsman.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the course provided, you are able to raise your concerns and complaints to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for all vocational education and training sector courses.
For the higher education sector, please address your concerns and complaints to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).


External Formal Concern

International students may exercise their rights to other legal remedies and may contact the International Education Conciliation Service. The Department offers a free independent conciliation/mediation service through the International Education Conciliator which attempts to resolve disputes between International students and their educational provider.The Conciliator is able to discuss issues of concern at any stage of the internal complaints and appeals procedure, however, will not become involved in the case until the parties have attempted to resolve the dispute themselves and that attempt has failed. The Conciliator does not replace the providers internal appeal process (as listed under Standard 8.1 of the National Code) but is an adjunct service for both student and providers. The Conciliator does not provide an external appeal mechanism as described in Standard 8.3 of the National Code.Information provided to the Conciliator is confidential but may be shared with other government agencies and other relevant organisations in the following circumstances as the party asks for or gives permission for the information to be shared with another organisation:

    • It is required or authorized by law
    • Disclosure is necessary for law enforcement
    • Disclosure will prevent harm to another person
    • It is reasonably believed to be in the public interestIf either a student or a member of staff at an institution would like to discuss a particular case with an independent person, they can contact the International Education Conciliator by phone (08 9441 1900, Facsimile (08 9441 1900) or email at



According to the current Australian law it is unlawful to vilify or treat a person unfairly because of their race or religious belief. If you are an International student studying in Western Australia and have been involved in an incident that you regard as harassment, bullying or that is racially motivated, you are encouraged to report it to your education institution and Western Australian police. You can contact the Western Australian Assistance Centre on 131 444.Discrimination on the basis of race or religious conviction is prohibited under the Western Australian Equal Opportunity Act, 1984. The Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against people on the grounds of sex, marital status or pregnancy, family responsibility or family status, race, religious or political conviction, and impairment, age or gender history in the following areas:

      • Work
      • Accommodation
      • Provision of goods
      • Facilities and services
      • Access to places and vehicles
      • Land
      • Membership of clubs


If you feel you have been discriminated against on any of the above grounds, you can lodge a complaint with the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity. You can contact them on 08 9216 3900 or visit the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity website for more information. All complaints must be submitted in writing, either by completing the form on the website or by written email or letter. The Commissioner will investigate and attempt conciliation. If your complaint is not resolved it may be referred for hearing to the State Administrative Tribunal.


  • Crisis Service
    • A variety of telephone counselling services including Lifeline offer free crisis counselling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lifeline can be contacted on 13 11 14.Crisis Care providers 24 hours emergency welfare assistance. Help is available for domestic violence, family problems and any emergency support. For Perth metropolitan area, contact 08 9223 1111 and for regional areas, contact 1800 199 008.

Other agencies and a description of the assistance they provide, together with their contact details is available on the

Transferring to another Provider

Vose will grant a letter of release at no cost to a student when the student has provided a letter from another registered provider confirming that a valid enrolment offer has been made. Students must have studied for a minimum of 6 months before the letter of release will be granted.

If granted such a letter of release, you are reminded that you will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs to seek advice on whether a new student visa is required. Please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website for more details.

If Vose does not grant your request for a letter of release, you will be provided with a written reason for the refusal. You also have the right to appeal the decision in accordance with Vose’s Grievance Resolution Policy for International Students, available on the Vose website.

Vose will maintain a record of all requests from students for a letter of release and the assessment of and decision regarding the request on the student’s file. Please contact the Director of Student Services for more information.


Transferring into Vose Seminary

Vose will not enrol a student wishing to transfer from another registered provider’s course prior to the completion of a minimum of 6 months of that principal course except when:

      • The original provider has ceased to be registered
      • The course which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered
      • The original provider has written letter of release
      • The original provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration that prevents the student from continuing their course
      • Any government sponsor of the student considers the change to be in the student’s best interest and has provided written support for the change.

International Student Health Cover (OSHC)

International Student Health Cover (OSHC) insurance for the entire duration for the study period prior to being granted a student visa and arriving in Australia. The cost of OSHC varies depending on the type of cover required and the OSHC provider.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires each International student to maintain their OSHC for the duration of their time on a student visa in Australia. Vose does not have an agreement with a specific OSHC provider. You will need to arrange to take out an OSHC cover and provider of your choice. A list of registered providers of OSHC in Australia is included below. Please visit the websites to find detailed information on what cover is provided for each premium to determine the right provider for you.

Medibank Private:

Australian Health Management:

BUPA Australia:

OSHC Worldcare:

Your OSHC will help cover the cost of any medical or hospital care you may need while studying in Australia, and will contribute towards the cost of most prescription medicines, and an ambulance in an emergency.

OSHC does not cover dental, optical or physiotherapy. Additional cover may be purchased from some the OSHC providers mentioned above or else the following private health insurance agencies:

If you marry or have a child born after you arrival in Australia, and you only have a Single OSHC policy, you must change your OSHC to a Family OSHC policy. Students must provide a receipt, OSHC certificate or other evidence of your OSHC which details your full name, type of cover and the duration of your cover to the Director of Student Services as proof of insurance prior to the commencement of their studies. The OSHC should commence when you arrive in Australia.

If any details of your insurance change, you will need to inform the Director of Student Services immediately.


Safety and Security
Life-threatening or time-critical emergency


Access help for fire, police and ambulance 24 hour service

000 or 112 from a mobile


Calls are free

Disaster situation such as a fire, cyclone, storm, flood, road crash, hazardous material spill, earthquake or a tsunami or search and rescue operation on land and water 132 500
Nearest Police Station 131 444
Reporting a crime (Police) 131 444
Crime Stoppers Hotline 1800 333 000
National Security Hotline 1800 123 400
Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) 132 500


Health and Community Support
Health Direct – 24 Hour Health Advice Line 1800 022 2222
Mental Health Emergency Response Line Metro: 1300 555 788

Peel: 1800 676 822

Lifeline 13 11 44
Beyond Blue 1300 224 636
Family Help Line 9223 1100
Parenting WA Line 6279 1200 or toll free: 1800 654 432
NGALA Family Resource Centre 9368 9368
Pregnancy Counselling 1300 737 732
Sexual Assault Centre 9340 1828
Alcohol and Drug Information 9442 5000
Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26
Legal Information 1300 650 579


Other Services
Electrical faults (24 hour service) 13 13 51
Gas faults (24 hour service) 13 13 52
Telephone faults (fixed phone phone) 13 22 03
Water and Sewerage faults 13 13 75
TransPerth (public transport) 13 62 13
Perth Taxi

Black and White Taxi (include disability service)

Swan Taxi

Swan Taxi Disability Taxi Service

Uber – download the app (


131 008

13 13 30

9422 2240



Public Hospital
Armadale Health Service

3056 Albany Highway

Armadale, Western Australia 6160

Phone: (08) 9331 2000

Bentley Health Service

18-56 Mills Street

Bentley, Western Australia 6102

Phone: (08) 9334 3666

Fremantle Hospital

Alma Street

Fremantle, Western Australia 6160

Phone: (08) 9431 3333

Joondalup Health Campus

Shenton Avenue

Joondalup, Western Australia 6027

Phone: (08) 9400 9400

Fiona Stanley Hospital

102-118 Murdoch Drive

Murdoch, Western Australia 6150

Phone: (08) 6152 2222

Kalamunda Community Hospital

Elizabeth Street

Kalamunda, Western Australia 6067

Phone: (08) 9257 8100

King Edward Memorial Hospital

374 Bagot Road

Subiaco, Western Australia 6008

Phone: (08) 9340 2222

Perth Children’s Hospital

15 Hospital Avenue

Nedlands, Western Australia 6009

Phone: (08) 9340 8222

Rockingham – Kwinana Hospital

Elanora Drive

Rockingham, Western Australia 6168

Phone: (08) 9599 4000

Royal Perth Hospital

Wellington Street

Perth, Western Australia 6000

Phone: (08) 6456 2222

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Hospital Avenue

Nedlands, Western Australia 6009

Phone: (08) 9346 3333

Swan District Hospital

Eveline Road

Middle Swan, Western Australia 6056

Phone: (08) 9347 5244


Emergency services close to Vose

The nearest hospitals to Vose that have emergency departments are:

Adults: Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital

Children: Perth Children’s Hospital


Help from your home country

The consulate representing your home country is also able to provide help during your studies in Australia. As the official representative of your country, your Consul works to protect your interests when you are away from home. To find the contact details of your consulate in Western Australia, visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.