Theologians At Lunch

Son of God: with Monica O’Neil

Throughout Advent, I’ve been thinking about who Jesus is. The Christmas story is not about a good person, a great prophet, an unusual guy who lived 2000 years ago and attracted quite a following. It’s really not. Christmas is the story of God coming among us, becoming one of us. It is the ultimate act of God- walking in our shoes. This is the story of God walking, teaching, healing, causing a raucous, inspiring millennia of generations and making alive souls that were dead in their own wilfulness and ego. Jesus is called Son of God to make it perfectly clear that God has been among us. Jesus the God-Man. Not just the man.

Why not have a look into Jesus the Son of God this Christmas? Ask a friend, visit a church, try praying. It might start an eternal encounter with God.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash