Theologians At Lunch

Prince of Peace: with Jon Bergmann

This Advent, we are taking time to reflect on the names ascribed to Jesus. I often find myself caught in the tension of the Christmas. On the one hand I love the festivities, the extravagance, and the spectacle of it all. On the other hand however my mind always wanders to those who will spend Christmas in a war torn country, or on the floor in an alleyway, or in an abusive home. I’m not always sure how to reconcile this tension but one thing I do know is that Jesus is constantly promising to bring Peace and Life to those who need him most. Perhaps this Christmas, for those of us who will be celebrating with those we love the most, we could reflect on what the Christmas story could mean for those who have little, those who have been left out, those who are lost.

How can Christmas be good news for everyone?

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash