Theologians At Lunch

Messiah: with Cate Vose

Throughout Advent, we have been reflecting on the different titles of Jesus, and one that most of us are familiar with is Jesus The Messiah. In Abrahamic faiths; the Messiah is understood to be a saviour of a people group. In the gospel accounts, Jesus is called the Messiah, but his life, ministry, death and resurrection paint a deeply subversive picture. Its only as an adult that Jesus was recognized as being the Messiah; at the time of his birth, he just looked like any other first century Jewish baby. The people expected that their Messiah would be born into a royal line; but he was born to an unwed mother, in a cave, with animals for company. The expected he would be anointed by a priest, but Jesus was anointed by a woman who wept as she poured perfume on his feet. They expected he would ride in with an army and deliver them from Roman occupation; but Jesus rode in on a donkey and carried his own cross. The expected their Messiah would deliver them into political and economic power; but instead, he delivered them into a kingdom without walls, one which will never end, and one in which the first will be last, and the last will be first.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash