Theologians At Lunch

Man of Sorrows: with Justine Humphreys

The word “Advent”, means the arrival of something we hoped for, something we anticipated. God brought about the Advent of his son in a way that was different from how we expected it to be. We expected a warrior. We expected someone to come with great military power and dramatic flair to solve all of our problems. But God came in complete obscurity. He came to a man and a woman who were first migrants and then refugees. It wasn’t the Advent we were expecting; it was the Advent we needed. God came into our littleness, our lost-ness, and our wondering, ‘Does anybody care?’ ‘Do I matter in any way?’

How good it is that he didn’t appear as we had anticipated—as a coming warrior—but instead as a child, the little one, and eventually; as the crucified one. It’s Good News for those of us who sometimes feel the weight of simply living.

Photo by Geetanjal Khanna on Unsplash