Heather and Noel Vose Library

Morling College - Perth branch

The Heather and Noel Vose world-class theological library is home to over 44,000 print books, access to over 50,000 e-books and thousands of journals including eighty current titles. Our collection includes a broad range of Christian perspectives as well as secular writers, with an evangelical focus and a Baptist heritage. Much of our collection may be borrowed by members.

Contact Details and Opening Hours


Email: library@morling.edu.au
Phone: (08) 6313-6288 (direct line to the Perth Heather and Noel Vose Library)

Vose Library has now returned to our pre-COVID-19 extended Semester hours!

During ACT teaching weeks, our doors are open from 8:30am, closing at 4:30 on Monday and Friday and 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Saturdays, we’ll be open 9am to 1pm.

  • Please check in at Reception to provide your name and contact number. This will allow facilitation of contact should someone who has used the library be diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • We ask that you wash your hands before entering the library and utilise the sanitiser and disinfectant wipes which will be available on both levels of the library.
  • Please maintain the 1.5m social distancing requirements while in the library.

There is an after-hours chute for returns outside these times.

You don’t need to be enrolled at Vose Training or Morling College Perth Vose Campus to enjoy our library! Public memberships are available. We house a popular collection of best-selling books on Christian living, management, a DVD collection, ebooks, talking books and bargain priced, hand-picked secondhand books.

Pastors enjoy our leadership collection bringing together thoughts on leadership and church trends; a wide range of commentaries and preaching aids, and Grove books for the pastor pressed for reading time.

The Heather and Noel Vose Library supports students in their studies by connecting them with the best books and other resources. Membership includes access to hundreds of journals via ebooks and online databases.

You can access the following online databases:

The Heather and Noel Vose Library offers ebooks from three platforms, Ebook Central, EBSCO, and Wheelers, as well as links to free ebooks from the internet. All our ebooks are listed in the library catalogue or you can access the platforms directly using the links below. Use your standard username and password for all three platforms.

Lookout’s Fairbairn-Browne Library

Founded by Adrian Van Leen, Lookout was originally known as Concerned Christian Growth Ministries. Between 1979 and 2012, it helped many people and churches in Australia and overseas to respond with discernment to cults, new religious movements and extreme Christian fringe groups. Lookout’s extensive library is now a part of the Heather and Noel Vose Library.

The collection is named in honour of the Lookout/CCGM volunteers who originally set it up – the late Jim Fairbairn, his wife Nancy, and her sister Linda Browne.

The collection covers hundreds of movements and topics including:

  • Cults
  • Freemasonry
  • Fundamentalism
  • History of religion
  • Islam
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Mormons
  • Parapsychology
  • Scientology

Founding Principal Dr Noel Vose believed passionately that Baptists need to know more about their forerunners, the Anabaptists. With the help of his sister, librarian Val Wild, he began a collection of books about this radical reformation movement which began in the sixteenth century. The Anabaptists had a vision of a church of committed disciples and lived counter-cultural lives shaped by Jesus’ teaching. The Anabaptist tradition continues to be influential in the church today and the denomination it gave birth to, the Mennonites, are known for their simple living and peace witness.

The Anabaptist Collection consists of nearly 500 items. Like the Lookout collection, it is available for use by all library users and can be searched on the catalogue.

The annual booksale has been a major source of funding for Vose since 1988 when the then-librarians initiated it as a way of making new acquisitions possible. Preparation is a year-round effort from staff, students, book contributors and volunteers. Although renowned for the selection of Christian books available, the booksale also features an enticing array of children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, and antiquarian titles. Because donors want to support the ministry of Vose, the booksale attracts high quality donations and our volunteers price them very generously!

If you would like to volunteer to assist with the annual booksale preparations, please speak to one of our friendly Library staff.

Vose also runs a year round Christian booksale at the front of the library. More books are added every week. The books are for sale whenever the library is open.

We accept donations of quality books all year round.


12 books at once and online database access

$60 for 12 months

$35 for 6 months


4 books at once (no access to online resources)

$40 for 12 months

$25 for 6 months

There is a 20% discount for Baptist pastors, Vose alumni, and health care or pension card holders.

These library guides provide information on key aspects of the library. Some are designed to be a self-paced tutorials, including exercises. If anything is unclear in the guides, please ask one of the library staff to explain. Print copies are available from the library desk.

The Vose Library manual includes all the library guides, as well as a general introduction to services and exercises to develop your library skills.

If you have a special interest in Western Australian Baptist history, you will be interested in the archives held within the Vose Seminary Library. If you would like more information, get in touch with our Archivist at archives@baptistwa.asn.au

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.