Leaders worth following

Do you want to be a more effective leader? Do you want to take your circle of influence to a new level? Do you desire Christ to be the centre of and reason for your accomplishments? Do you want to become more than just a boss, but a leader worth following?

If you are an emerging leader or hold a position in a church, ministry, business, or organisation, LEADin will transform the way you think about leadership. This exciting new course empowers leaders to increase their capacity, renew the way they plan for the future, and reimagine the way they lead their teams. One the way, they will also complete a Diploma of Leadership and Management!


  • is a 1 year Full-Time leadership course (only)
  • integrates online learning with 4 week-long intensives
  • is priced at $9,960 (includes all intensive costs, inclusive of 2 interstate trips)
  • Focuses on bringing real life projects to life
  • Includes round table insight sessions with some of Australia’s most incredible leaders
  • Provides you with one-on-one professional supervision for the duration of the course
  • includes the completion of a Diploma of Leadership and Management

Join us, and become a leader worth following

We invite you to embark on your own exceptional learning experience.