Theologians At Lunch

Justine Humphreys on the Power of Story

Throughout November, we want to open up a conversation about the power of story.

Our obsession with film, literature, myth and storytelling shows us that we crave stories – and we’re created for story. We live by stories or narratives to make sense of our messy, chaotic world. The stories that you believe or don’t believe give rise to the way that you live. And I have found my story being corrected and shaped over the years when I have sought teaching and intentional space with God to challenge faulty thinking and step into a new story.

The best type of teaching doesn’t just tell you right from wrong. It challenges the stories you believe about yourself or others that aren’t true and are holding you back. And it plays a vital role in your transformation.

Everyone has a story, what’s your story?

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash