Theologians At Lunch

Jon Bergmann on the call to live an original life

At the start of this new year, we are reflecting on what it means to live an original life.

There’s a passage in the Bible which talks about a character called Moses, and what it says is that “he was born no ordinary child.” When I read that I was struck by the fact that, as a father, I think the same thing of all my kids. None of them were born ordinary. They are all special, unique, and incredible.

Sometimes in life it feels like we are born extraordinary, but the slow passage of time gradually turns out lives into something less, something less than ordinary. The reality however, is that we were all born no ordinary child, with something unique to offer the world. Maybe what we need to do is step back, just for a moment, and ask ourselves the question: what do I have to offer that no one else can?

Photo by William on Unsplash