Theologians At Lunch

Jesus, the name above all names: with Brian Harris

Throughout Advent this year, we have been looking at some of the key names of Jesus. Today, on the day we celebrate Christmas, we look at his actual name, recorded in Matt 1:21 – Jesus. It was the name that the angel had told Joseph to call the child about to be born to Mary. Jesus is the Greek form of the name “Joshua”, which means the Lord saves.

Every time we say the name Jesus, we are reminded that God sent Jesus to save us – to save us from our apathy towards God, and our indifference towards one another. Jesus saves us from our sin – and in the Bible sin simply means missing the target God has set for us. Every human being has been made in the image of God, and has been called to reflect something of what God is like. And every single one of us has fallen short of that call. Jesus saves us from that failure, reminds us of who we have been made to be, and gives us the strength to be the person God calls us to be.

If you are frustrated from one failure and disappointment after another, take heart this Christmas time. Jesus has been born – and we call him Jesus, because he saves us. And whatever your situation, he can save you…

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash