Vose has provided outstanding training for the Christian community for over 50 years.

Founded by and under the spiritual oversight of the Baptist Churches Western Australia, we are evangelical in our heritage and have trained people from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. Vose graduates serve in many different denominations, mission organisations and in various vocations and businesses around the world.
Vose remains totally committed to its founding vision of training outstanding pastoral leaders for the church, the marketplace and the mission field. The call to equip people for relevant and biblically informed ministry is central to our identity.

If you have a special interest in Western Australian Baptist history, you will be interested in the archives held within the Vose Seminary Library. If you would like more information, get in touch with our Archivist at archives@baptistwa.asn.au

Call to Christian higher education

In 2012 we decided to form a Christian university in Perth over the next twenty years. The first stage was our establishment of the Vose College of Higher Education. We continue to work together with the affiliated colleges of the Australian College of Theology towards this goal. We decided to broaden the range of courses we offer so that our focus was not purely on theology. Increasingly we will be introducing courses for a wide range of professions each of which will be informed from a Christian perspective.

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Dr Brian Harris, Principal
Theology is not only for the church... its insights should impact every area of life. Should the Christian faith make a difference to the way we approach business, education, politics, medicine or law? Vose Seminary answers in the affirmative.