Theologians At Lunch

Cornerstone: with Cate Vose

Throughout Advent, we have been reflecting on the different titles of Jesus. The prophet Isaiah called Jesus ‘a precious cornerstone of a sure foundation.’ In the ancient world, and still today, the cornerstone of a building was structurally critical, and came to have symbolic significance too; for the setting of that first stone determines the position and stability of the entire structure. What does that mean for us today, as we approach Christmas? Well, Isaiah gives us some descriptive clues about this cornerstone; he says it is marked by Justice and Righteousness, which is just an old fashioned way of describing something ethical, noble and honourable. I wonder, as we look around us, where do we see justice? Where do we see ethical treatment of the vulnerable and decisions made motivated by what is honourable and what is noble? Anywhere you see these things happening, you can be sure Jesus is the cornerstone. Anywhere they are not; no matter how impressive the outcomes, eventually they will be exposed for having a poor foundation. Jesus the Cornerstone is a powerful reminder that one day, all injustice will be remedied, and all kingdoms missing this cornerstone will crumble.

Photo by Craig Zdanowicz on Unsplash