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In a time marked by round-the-clock pressure, fatigue, and burnout, what does ancient wisdom have to offer us? In a time marked by endless complexity and the need for decisive action, what might we learn from Israel’s wisdom literature?

We invite you to take an intentional break from your bustle to join us, as renowned Old Testament scholar Dr Tremper Longman III (USA) brings the timeless insights and wisdom of these ancient writers to life. Our hope is that your life and ministry will be renewed and refocused as we engage afresh the ancient wisdom found in scripture.

Save the date, stay tuned for more details and get ready to breathe again.

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Dr Tremper Longman III co-authored “God Loves Sex” with psychologist Dan Allender and brought specific expertise in what Song of Songs has to teach us about the place of sex in our lives. This year, at the Vose Conference Annual Lecture, he will be speaking into this important topic in a not-to-be-missed evening. This is a public event designed for anyone who would like to attend.


Save the date and prepare to unplug from your modern routine take a journey through the Scriptures.

Tune In

Take the time to refresh you heart and mind and go deep with us into the ancient wisdom of the Hebrew bible with Dr Tremper Longman III


Dr Longman’s expertise is making the wisdom literature come alive to the modern listener. You’ll be equipped to preach on these timeless works.

Dr Tremper Longman III
Old Testament scholar, theologian, professor and author of several books, including 2009 ECPA Christian Book Award winner Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings.
28-29 AUGUST
Two unforgettable days of deep learning.

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