Theologians At Lunch

Author of Salvation: with Monica O’Neil

This year, I’ve been reflecting during Advent on how Jesus is called the Author of Salvation. I love a good story where something goes terribly awry for a hero or heroine I’ve become attached to. But I only love it if the story progresses so that wonderfully, gradually, or suddenly, my hero or heroine is snatched back from the precipice, retracted from their ruin and set into a wide open spaces filled with hope. That’s when I close the book satisfied. The Jesus story, the Christmas story, is one of snatching us, the heroes and heroines, from our brinks of calamity. A story of humanity being set into wide open spaces of love, forgiveness and hope.

Why not have a look into who Jesus is this Christmas? Ask a friend, visit a church, try praying. It might just start a saving story for you.

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash