Dr Brian Harris; Vose Principal

As a decade begins…

With the twenty teens recently ended, I thought I would post a bit of an update about the blog, fill you in on an exciting new venture I am part of, add some reflections about the start of the twenties, and close with a prayer I have found meaningful.

This site has carried 359 posts since it officially launched in August 2015. Some have been picked up by other sites and reposted over and over again, yet others have made it onto the reading list of a variety of courses and are sometimes quoted back at me, and yes, some have been read by only a smattering of faithful followers, before quietly fading into obscurity. I’ve enjoyed writing each post, but have often been perplexed at the response. Several I consider to be the best have had little response, whilst some pretty ho hum ones have been read by thousands and reposted widely. I’ve concluded that I am not a good predictor of the popular, and long ago decided to write about what I feel matters, and […]

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