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Almost every student comments that they sense something different at Vose – that the level of care is tangible, and that it sets them free to face challenges and to grow – to make a difference in the world. Students graduate reluctantly, wishing they could be here for longer, but knowing they are equipped for the work to which God has called them. No two stories are the same at Vose. You will find much in common with many who study here, but at the same time we know you have your own unique story, a unique purpose and a unique call on your life.

Open your mind to new insights, open your heart to others, and open your hands to the work that needs to be done. As you do so, be alert to the presence of God, who nudges us out of our comfort zone, and invites us to follow him in a lifelong journey of obedience.


People learn best in a supportive, nurturing environment

Our desire at Vose is to provide a learning environment for students that fosters and celebrates growth in sound thinking (orthodoxy) and its application (othopraxy). That is, our vision is not merely academic, but also focuses on community, and learning how to grow into the likeness of Christ. All students are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of the academic programs and community life at Vose.

During semester, Formation Wednesday offers the option to participate in community lunch, chapel, morning tea, and a guided spiritual formation group. At any time, unplanned games of table tennis, basketball, and courtyard discussions over coffee are happening in the Student Room, the student café, or outside on the grounds between lectures.

Once you enrol, you will be notified of all the structured opportunities to engage in community life and you will find all staff genuinely welcoming with a desire to see you grow.

Online Students

Vose students can study online, face to face, or a combination of the two. Online students are encouraged to engage with the Vose community via online forums or by participating in some of the units offered in an intensive format, academic seminars, professional development opportunities, Vose conferences and other events. Where possible, online students are welcome to visit the classroom to participate in the lectures or seminars where their unit is also offered concurrently on site. Faculty and staff are easily contactable by email, phone, Facetime or Skype for Course Pathway Advice, re-enrolment, support or assistance.

student team

Student Team

The student body at Vose is led by a Student Team. This is a group of elected student representatives, who are appointed for one academic year and are led by a Senior Student. These are important roles of leadership within the student community and positions of ambassadorship for the Seminary. The members of the student team have an opportunity to influence the lives of fellow students, as well as develop their own leadership skills.

The student team are responsible for managing all aspects of student life at Vose. They organise and run the student dining room and kitchen, look after the student bank account, provide social opportunities for all students, and help run many Seminary events. Their leadership roles exist to serve the student body and enhance every students experience at Vose. They are always available to help other students, provide information, and listen to student views and feedback. They are also a channel of communication between students and staff.

Your student team will be introduced to you at Orientation.

You can view our 2019 Student Handbook here and our 2019 Overseas Student Handbook here.