Leadership and Management

Organisations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting so, if different results are required, then change is needed. Investment of time and budget into growing leadership and management capacity makes different results possible.

The Leadership and Management offering at Vose aims to provide quality training, designed and delivered by industry experts with faith filled hearts and practice. All workshops and courses have been constructed based on the unique needs of people working in the Community Sector and in churches. All of our training is designed to be interactive, not just to fast-track a qualification, but to equip our participants to be great managers and leaders. Our accredited training is a mix of face to face and online learning – finding the perfect balance to ensure your success.


Vose Leadership offers a range of solutions

We understand that your time matters. Our workshops and intensives make the most of every moment. Spread throughout the year they are designed for you to take away valuable knowledge
and skills to use the very next day.
Senior leadership and management essentials are covered in our intensives and align with our accredited courses.

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Throughout the year, Vose Leadership host a number of seminars with invited guest speakers who are influential in their field.  Attending these seminars improve your performance by increasing your effective leadership skills and enable you to have insight into the challenges of today’s fast moving world.


Accredited Training:

As a Registered Training Organisation, Vose offers accredited training courses that will enable you to combine world-class training with a recognised qualification in Leadership and Management or Ministry.

Our courses are not generic units that fast-track a qualification; they are individually designed to ensure that you are equipped to meet the demands of your career or calling.

Our current courses: