Capacity Builders

Vose Leadership has developed a complete leadership development system. It focuses on improving individual and collective leadership by embarking on a season of transformation with like-minded people. Capacity Builders combines a number of techniques and methods over a period of time to grow your leadership and allow your vision to grow your organisation or church.
This combination of guided peer learning and one to one coaching is a proven method for growing leadership capacity.
Our Capacity Builders program is a facilitated coaching and accountability process. Each cohort is comprised of 6 to 12 leaders that meet monthly. Group time includes input, problem solving and accountability.
The one on one coaching provides individual support and accelerates implementation.
Our program consists of:

  • Niche cohort of peers
  • Tailored knowledge and skill building
  • Peer feedback and accountability
  • Great resources in your hand
  • Coaching by the best
  • Input from Industry Experts
  • Visit benchmark organisations or churches