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Training Leaders is about transformation. At Vose, we take it personally. It is our privilege, not just our responsibility, to craft unique academic, training and relational spaces in the lives of leaders.

We believe that leaders are servants who lead. We hold that honest and clear approaches to the present and the future are vital for any worthwhile relationship or cause. We know that without a daily gratitude for those we serve, the resources which surround us and the breath we take, we are overlords, not leaders.

Vose Leadership exists to foster this kind of wholesome leadership in those who find themselves, by accident or aspiration, in the fortunate, responsible and challenging place called leadership.

Monica O’Neil                      
Master of Arts
Director Vose Leadership                             

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Building compassionate, agile and resilient leaders

Vose Leadership is a centre of excellence established within Vose. It is committed to the professional development and extension of those involved in leadership or management, especially within not-for-profit, church and educational fields.

We understand the diversity within the non profit sector.  We expect our leaders to come from groups of different sizes, with different missions, different structures and different funding. One thing that doesn’t change is that your organisation, whoever you are, will benefit by building leadership and management capacity into yourself and your team.

Recognising this diversity,  we have built a complete development suite designed to partner with you in your growth.  Not just training, but a journey.

Leadership development is a lifelong journey

Our suite of development includes:

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