Vose Research

Vose Research is a Centre of Excellence within Vose Seminary with a threefold brief:

  1. Offer Post-Graduate Research Degrees
  2. Host the biennial Vose Conference
  3. Nurture and facilitate publication by Vose Seminary faculty and students

Research Degrees

Vose now offers higher degrees: the PhD, for those candidates who wish to engage in theological research, but whose first degrees are in fields other than theology; and the DMin, a professional doctorate for ministry practitioners who wish to specialise in an area of research with specific relation to the practice of Christian ministry.

The Master of Theology requires a thesis of approximately 40,000 to 50,000 words, while the doctorate requires 80-100,000 words. These theses are examined by national and international experts in the field of study, thus introducing candidates to the global community of scholars, and providing them opportunity to participate in the global theological conversation.

For further information about these higher degrees by research, please contact Dr Michael O’Neil, Director Vose Research.


Doctor of Philosophy


The Doctor of Philosophy is designed to equip men and women as beginning researchers in a broad range of fields of study related to the humanities and social sciences and provide a qualification recognised by theological and Bible colleges as well as universities for those who teach in these fields.

Entry requirements:

For full details please see ACT’s Postgraduate Handbook


Doctor of Ministry


The Doctor of Ministry is an AQF level 10 research doctoral award whose graduates make a significant and original contribution to knowledge as applied in the context of professional Christian ministry practice.

The degree is designed to enable men and women to produce significant and original research outcomes and as beginning researchers demonstrate the capacity to design, implement, gather and interpret data, and communicate the results of the research for theses undertaken in specific fields of knowledge applied to various areas of professional ministry.

The degree would be for theological and non-theological graduates already in significant leadership positions in churches, denominational offices, para-church agencies and non-church agencies and institutions where people wanted to enhance their research by also applying insights from Christian traditions.

Graduates with a Doctor of Ministry have already been employed in significant denominational positions for strategic planning as well as teaching pastoral and missions courses at theological colleges, bible colleges and seminaries in Australian and overseas and would continue to do so.

Entry requirements:

For full details please see ACT’s Postgraduate Handbook


Masters Degrees: Master of Ministry


The Master of Ministry (MMin – extended) degree introduces graduate students to the sources and content of the Christian story and message, and provides training which emphasizes application and practice of this story and message in the contemporary world.

The MMin (extended) will require specialisation in disciplines by which knowledge of God is applied to guide Christian practice in at least two fields of the Department of Ministry and Practice:

  • Evangelism and Missiology
  • Pastoral and Church Focused Ministry
  • Developmental Ministry

The MMin (extended) will integrate studies in the Bible and Christian tradition with practical experience and include supervised practice based learning where appropriate.

Through elective units students can:

  • Develop particular ministry skills in the three fields of the field of Ministry and Practice
  • Develop foundational understanding in the Bible and Christian Thought

Entry requirements:

For full details please see ACT’s Postgraduate Handbook

Masters Degrees: Master of Theology


The course has been designed for study and research to be undertaken normally in one field of specialisation within the Department of Bible and Language or Christian Thought or Ministry and Practice.

The course is designed for students who have demonstrated the capacity for research at this level either in their Bachelors Honours program, or at coursework masters level in the MA(Th) or under certain conditions, the MA(ChrStuds).

Entry requirements:

For full details please see ACT’s Postgraduate Handbook

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Vose Conference and Theology Seminars

Vose Seminary exists to strengthen the mission and ministry of the Christian community by providing world-class education and training. The biennial Vose Conference supports this goal with thoughtful, relevant theological reflection on issues of primary importance.

The aim of Vose Conference is to provide thoughtful, relevant theological reflection on issues of primary importance. We particularly hope to encourage, support and resource the churches and ministry leaders of Western Australia for a faithful and fruitful life in the gospel of the kingdom. Recent conferences have included keynote addresses from distinguished contemporary theologians including Michael Quicke, Scot McKnight, Stephen Garner and Brian Harris.

Throughout the year, opportunity is also given for students and other interested individuals to attend our popular Theology Seminars which highlight specific areas of research and enquiry presented by Vose research students and faculty members.