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This month, we’ve been partnering with 98Five Sonshine FM to bring you some new spots where we’ve been thinking about the state of the world around us; the fracturing in political and social spaces, the rise of the neo-nazi movement – and we reflected on how we can be people who speak truth and offer hope in these times.  We’ve come up with some short reflections to share with you, we hope they bring a breath of life, hope and courage into your daily routine.  Here they are in written form, in case you want to take a clo...
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500 Year Celebration of the Reformation

Our very own Dr Michael O’Neil who blogs at  has been spending some time reflecting on the 500th Year Celebration of the Reformation.  Here the start of one of his latest posts about Martin Luther: ‘Luther’s Reformation never settled during his lifetime; his vision was never realised. In the 1530s the movement faced questions and opposition on three sides, from the Anabaptists, the Catholics, and the Zwinglians. Of these, a rapprochement was possible only with the third, and this was the wor...
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