Vose Mission

Is God calling you to serve on the edges?

Vose Mission is a centre of excellence within Vose Seminary working in partnership with 14 cross-cultural sending agencies in Western Australia.

It is vital that training occurs in an environment of excellence and community to achieve its goals. Vose Mission seeks to be that place. Our training is ongoing to continually equip you throughout your missional journey, with mentoring and support – before, during and after your service.

Vose Mission Partners include:

Events and Training


  • Missions Interlink breakfast 3-4 times a year for networking and training purposes
  • One-day mini-conference twice a year that utilise the training resources and personnel of agency staff who are in Western Australia from time to time
  • Missions Conferences every 2 years in the area of Team Dynamics and development
  • OCA Annual Dinner

Professional Development Opportunities


Vose Mission liaises with its Partners – specifically “Missions Interlink” to deliver Professional Development opportunities for Agency staff.

Courses and Units


Everything we do at Vose has a mission focus, but there are a number of specialised units in the Evangelism and Mission department offered on a rotating basis.

Units include:

  • EM301-501:    Mission Perspectives
  • EM408-608:    Cross-Cultural Communication
  • EM410-610:    Aid and Development
  • EM417-617:    Spiritual Formation for Cross-Cultural Ministries
  • EM421-621:    Living Faiths
  • EM411-611:    Mission in the Urban Context
  • EM426-626:    Church Planting
  • EM490-690:    Research Project