Exploring Connections Between Faith & Science
FAITH & SCIENCE: The interface of theology and psychology

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Vose is open - come check us out
SAVE THESE DATES: come and explore our campus and see how Vose can provide exceptional learning experiences.

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Pastoral Care & Aging
PASTORAL CARE & AGING: These two sessions will offer particular skills for this unique field of spiritual care

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Welcome to Vose

At Vose Seminary, no two stories are the same.

People join us to learn more about God's Word. They begin for all kinds of reasons. Some are young, some older. Each one is seeking to follow Jesus in a deeply biblical, highly practical learning environment.

Some come to fuel and equip a ministry journey they're already on, or are exploring. Others because they're wanting to add knowledge to cultivate a robust faith. Others come because they know that this is simply the next step on a long journey.

What's your story?

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Vose Seminary is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology.